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Wolfe Waves - Bill Wolfe book

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Wolfe Waves - Bill Wolfe book

Brand: Forex On Steroids

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Type: ebook

Language: English

Markets: All markets/assets in your trading platform

Trading Style: Waves Trading

The original book written by Bill Wolfe himself.

I always encourage my clients to study the book and apply the original method because after all, the one who discovered the method and researched and perfected it for years knows what he's talking about.

beyond that, you can always experiment with new additions to the method, there are many of them. some closer to Bill Wolf's original strategy, and some very far from the original.

there are many trading strategies that use some of the principles of Bill Wolfe and they say it's Wolfe waves method but they are far from the source. so first of all, learn the source.

I personally always encourage my clients to stick to the original.


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The Wolfe waves pattern is named after a trading guru called Bill Wolfe. He identified that when price action remains within a price channel and makes a false breakout on the fifth wave, it usually starts a reversal of the prevailing trend in the opposite direction.

He clarified that Wolfe waves can help traders find a terrific entry point in the market at the beginning of a potential reversal with a great risk-to-reward ratio. Moreover, it can also pinpoint a potential exit point or offer traders a price target based on the symmetric configuration of the price pattern.




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